The quarantine has many couples experiencing love on a new frontier. The day to day hustle of leaving home for work, picking up kids from daycare and more have all changed. Some are enjoying this new pivot while some are making major adjustments to maintain a healthy relationship. Relationship experts, Tiffany and Terrell Monger, have had their share of relationship woes. At one point in their journey they were seeking a divorce and almost made it final. However, they have overcome their relationship challenges to remain happily married.

The pandemic could have been seen as a struggle for the couple…

(Ive J. Jones, Creator of the Young Women in STEM Conference & Princeton University Scholar)

One of the most challenging times in a person’s life may occur as a college student. It’s a whole new world for young adults. It may be the first time that they are living away from home. It may be the first time that their academic studies are solely left in their hands. It may also be the first time that they have to live in close quarters with others. It’s amazing yet scary at the same time.

Ive J. Jones is a current college student at Princeton University who is mastering her college life and also her career aspirations…

(Courtesy of Francesca Andre Photography)

The future is female and Nadege Fleurimond is a woman on the rise. Nadege wears many hats and has success in various aspects of business. She is a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, business strategist, branding guru and culinary maven. Nadege was born in Haiti and also raised with her father in Brooklyn, NY. She learned how to cook from her father and expanded her culinary palette into a full fledged brand.

She learned early on how to fuse tradition with modern aspects in all that she does. Affectionately known as the “Professional Epav” (free thinker), Nadege teaches her community how…

(Photo Courtesy of Deevah Entertainment)

Daily life can seem like a balancing act at times. Many are balancing their full time jobs, talents, interests, parenting and more; in order to make it to the next day. Kira Deevah is the embodiment of motivation and collaboration to successfully leverage yourself to your next level. “I motivate myself knowing that each day I have a choice to create the life I want . I don’t take that for granted. Of course GOD motivates me because He is in me and He guides me,” says Kira. …

(Courtesy of Inpowered Culture)

Growing up in New York, Genise Thomas, always dreamed of becoming a entrepreneur. She also longed to have a purpose to help others. Life happened suddenly for Genise through teen parenthood, parents who struggled with drug addiction, low self-esteem and more. However, Genise knew that there was a purpose and calling on her life. She endured some pain but ultimately overcame all obstacles set before her life.

Even as a full-time entrepreneur she experience racism and inequality in the world of business. She learned early on that race, class and gender played a major role in her beginning steps as…

(Courtesy of Pixabay)

Love is in the air this winter season. Although it’s Valentine’s Day, love can be expressed and celebrated on any day of the year. For this Valentine’s Day enjoy it with a significant other, your family or while celebrating self love. If you’re a local here are some Maryland businesses that are operated by DMV natives. Stop by and show them some love by supporting.

Sweet Eden Bake Shop

This beautiful shop is ready to serve you from their convenient location near Fort Meade Army Base and Arundel Mills Mall. They not only have several cupcake flavors but a variety…

(Courtesy of Meme Kelly)

It’s Mardi Gras and Meme Kelly of Silk Me Kids is serving up some serious NOLA flare with her hair care products for the upcoming Krewe de Kuties parade. Meme is an awarding winning cosmetologist and business owner who is paving her own lane in the beauty industry. Her brand of the Silk Me Kids Salon and Spa is the first in NOLA that specializes in hair care for kids.

She’s taken her brand to new heights with her line of hair care products. Meme has handcrafted products for kids that help to solve everyday problems of: healthy hair care/repair…

(Courtesy of 22 Productions)

Lexi P is an author, hair care entrepreneur, motivational speaker and independent publisher. As a young girl, Lexi struggled with her own natural beauty. However, she quickly discovered that her beauty is unique and it’s what empowered her inner Black Girl Magic. Her inner Black Girl Magic created her brand of Curlanistas. Lexi P is a teen boss mogul that continues to rise to the top. She has been seen on Black Girls Rock and her hair care products are available in 88 Sally Beauty Stores.

She’s even an advocate for other girls to learn their self-worth and self-confidence. You’ve…

(Courtesy of @nappystock)

Hailing from Greenville, NC was a young girl with a dream. Kaiya Hamilton is a singer and songwriter who refuses to give up. Her soul-stirring sounds will grace the ears of her fans like a warm drink on a cold night. Rooted in the church, Kaiya began her musical interests at a young age. “My love for music started really young with my Mom teaching me how to sing at age 4. She continued to help mold my craft ever since,” recalls Kaiya. Her soulful sound caught the attention of the playwright, David Payton. …

(Courtesy of Tasha Flowers)

Floral Design may not seem like a likely career for some but LaTasha Lee is curating a melanin path for others to see. Her brand of Tasha Flowers is crafting floral delights that are blooming in her hometown of Baltimore, MD. The Charm City started years ago and was self-taught through the inspiration of other floral designers. She decided to take her craft even further by attend a local college to earn her certification in Retail Floristry.

Curls and Coils

Writer, C. Scott, is a mother of one; author, social worker, and entrepreneur. Follow her on social media as @curls_coils & @mysweettealife.

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